Do you have a hot tub on your caravan or holiday home's outside decking and require a little privacy from nosey neighbours? There is now a stylish solution for you.

I’m sure that you have been sat in your hot tub on your caravan's decking enjoying a glass of wine or a beer and you can feel the prying eyes from your neighbours. In an attempt to give yourself a bit of privacy you have hung towels around the handrail or stood objects against the barrier. Well now you won’t have to as there is a new product called Carabanners that will give you the privacy you crave in style!

Carabanners offer a bespoke made to measure product that fits easily to your decking with no need for drills or screws, all the fixings are provided for you along with easy to use instructions. The product will act as a privacy barrier so those nosey neighbours can’t see what fun you are having in your hot tub!

They come in a variety of colours, patterns and can be made to any size, the website is very easy to use and navigate making the process of ordering very straight forward. All you have to do is measure your decking which is a piece of cake if you follow the instructions on the website.

So if you have nosey neighbours or you would simply like to give yourself the privacy you deserve when enjoying your hot tub on your decking, take a look at Carabanners. There are over 250 designs to choose from so there is something for everyones taste.

Take a look at the website for more information where you can see all the designs available, price illustrations and more information.


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