Samples are available

Each sample is in two pieces, the first is a section of the design at full size and the second piece is  the full design at a reduced size

Samples are charged at £10 each, this price includes delivery to
the UK mainland.

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Japanese Bamboo

Buttercream stripes

Buttercream stripes

Queen's Jubilee Mono


Grey White Sideways Stripes


Creamy Butter Side Stripes

Too Blue Candy Stripes

Minty Moo Sideways Stripes



Oak Boards

Oak Boards

Creamy Butter Stripes

Creamy Butter Stripes

Country Pattern

Seaside Woody Blues

Cream White Stripes

Pinky Grey Stripes

Natural Bamboo

Grey White Stripes

Minty Too Stripes

Baby Blue Stripes

Floral Pattern

Bamboo Weave

Greys & White Stripes Do Matter

Summer Spots

Creamy Butterfly Dream

Minted Moo Stripes

Grey Matter Stripes

Aged Whitening

Aged Whitening

Silvering White

Silvering White Fox



Aged Pastel

Antique Brown

Antique Brown

Rustic Cuts

Mint White Stripes

Mint White Stripes

Creamy Cup Stripes

Baby Too Blue

Greys Matter Too

Babies Got The Blue Stripes

Spotted Cream

Spotted Grey

Spotted Dark Grey

Spotted Blue

Spotted Mint

Constant Grey Spots

Constant Baby Blue Spots

Constant Minty White Spots

Silvering Grey Spots

Dark Spots

Those Blue Spots

Minty Fresh Spots

Creamy Slotted Spots

Grey Matters With Spots

Dark Spotted Thoughts

Baby Blue Spotted Dreams

Minty Fresh Spotted Thoughts

Cream White Sideways Stripes

Baby Blue Sideways Stripes

Minty White Sideways Stripes

Grey Matter Sideways Stripes

Pinky Grey Sideways Stripes

True Blue Sideways Stripes

Creamy Butter Candy Stripe

Minted Moo Candy Stripes

Grey Matters Candy Stripes

Anthracite Spotty Gold

Plain White & Simple

The Turqouise Weaver

Creamy Diagonal Days

Flippy Flops

Diagonal Grey Days

Baby Blues Diagonal Days

Sgt. Peppermints Diagonal Days

Turquoise Diagonal Days

Creamy Chevrons

Grey Chevrons

True Blue Chevrons

Sgt. Peppers Chevrons

Pretty In Pink Chevrons

Pastel Baby Seashells

Creamy Baby Shells

Seashell Grey

Tanned Seashells

Cream Waves

Grey Waves

Blue Waves

Minted Waves

Mediterranean Seas

Grey Leaves

Creamy Leaves

Blue Leaves

Turquoise Leaves

Darkened Leaves

Floral Love Cadet

Providence Floral Love

Providence White Floral Love

Creamy Floral Love

Creamy Cleff

Dunstable Cleff

Baby Blue Cleff

Minted Cleff

Cream Wave Rider

Greylish Wave Rider

Baby Wave Rider

Minted Wave Rider

Pink Wave Rider

Golden Wave Rider

Creamy Sands

Light Grey

Mid Grey

Dark Grey

Baby Blue Boo

Regent Smile Blue

Pelo Blue


Minted Moo

Mint Geyser

Summer Green


Bakers Choco Brown

Dixie Burns

Tahuna Sands

Purps Purple

Yelling Sands

Squiggle Leaf

Pyramid Dreams


Summer Haze

The Colour Palm

Pastelised Butterflies

Two Lips

The Spinner

Giant Pebbles





The Slab

A Calming Ripple

The Beach



The Weaver

Vintage Paper

Coarse White Sand

Med Wall

Micro Paper Scan

Silvering Butterfly Dreams

Boos Butterfly dream

Mintys Butterfly Dream

Darker Butterfly Dreams

Floral Stage Cream

Floral Stage Greylish

Floral Stage Blue

Floral Stage Grey

Minted Rose

Silvering Rose

The Blue Rose

Creamy & Rosey

Creamish Dots & Floral Spots

Boo Dots & Floral Spots

Minted Dots & Floral Spots

Light Dots & Floral Spots

Dark Dots & Floral Spots

Abundance Boo Floral

Abundance Minted Floral

Abundance Cream Floral

Abundance Grey Floral

Cream Propelling

Greys Propelling

Boos Propelling

Mint Propelling

Bakers Propelling

Dark Propelling

Creamy Dotty Floral

Dark Dotty Floral

Greys Dotty Floral

Boos Dotty Floral

Mintys Dotty Floral

Bakers Dotty Floral

Bakers Butterfly Dream

Anthracite Rose

Bakers Rose

Vintage Flo

Vintage Blu

Queen's Jubilee Traditional

Queen's Jubilee Cream

Creamy Constant Spots

Constant Dark Spots

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