Carabanners can add a little privacy and comfort to your static caravan or holiday home.

Carabanners are a great way to enhance the overall look of your static caravan's / holiday home's appearance with no need for drills and screws. They are available in a variety of designs and colours so there is something to suit everyone’s taste and they are made to measure so they will fit your caravan's decking perfectly!

So how does it work I hear you say? Well there’s an easy to use website to guide you through the process. 

Because the Carabanners are made to measure you have to measure your decking at some point, but don’t worry because there is a ‘how to measure guide’ on the website showing you exactly where and how to measure. If you are still not entirely sure then you can alternatively watch the video guide showing you exactly where to measure your caravan's decking.

The best bit is choosing a design from the website (which is very easy to navigate), all the Carabanner designs are in categories and they are very easy to scroll through. Each design comes with three previews on various static caravan's so that you can see what the Carabanner design looks like when installed on a caravan decking. Once you are happy and have chosen a design from the hundreds on offer then you must choose the colour of your fixings. Choose the colour that is the closest to the colour of your caravan's decking so that the fixings blend in with the posts and handrails.

Once you have chosen the design of your Carabanner and the colour of your fixings you will be asked for your caravan decking's measurements. Remember to take a look at the measuring guides so that you measure correctly and then grab your tape measure, its really easy. Simply measure from inside the vertical posts and from the bottom of the handrail to the top of the bottom kick rail, do this for each section of decking that you wish to order for. It might be that you want the Carabanners to completely wrap your caravan giving you privacy and a wind break or you may just want to add some privacy to the front of your caravan's decking area, the choice is yours. You can add as many or as little Carabanners as you like!! 

Carabanners are available as single sided or double sided so you can have the design on the outside and inside of the caravan's decking.

When adding the measurements you will be given a running total of price so that you know exactly how much you are spending. The cost of all the designs is exactly the same whether the design you have chosen is floral and full of colour or a simple plain design. If you want to know how much the Carabanners are prior to putting in your measurements take a look at the ‘How it works’ section as there are a few examples to give you an indication of cost. The costing is worked out by the square metre price so you will not know the exact amount until you enter your measurements, however the pricing structure drops as you add more Carabanners so the more you buy the better the rate. It might just work out that you get an extra Carabanner for the same price!!

The Carabanners are made from a heavyweight pvc material that is around 700gsm with a block out inner so that the bright sunlight does not reduce the appearance of the vibrant colours. The design is printed onto the face of the material using a solvent ink so that the it resists the sunlights harmful UV rays. The material is then hemmed to your sizes on every edge which also enables the Carabanner to sit flat against the caravans decking spindles and increase the strength of the product. The material is then punched with eyelets at certain spacings so that the fixings will enable the Carabanner to sit relatively flat inside the deckings posts and rails.

When delivered the Carabanners will come complete with all fixings and instructions showing you how to install to your holiday homes decking. Each Carabanner is labelled clearly so that you can install in the correct position. Once installed they will give your holiday home a brand new look and add a touch of comfort and privacy enabling you to sit back and enjoy your space.



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