Do you want to cut down on your dogs persistent barking when people walk past your holiday home's decking?

Do you own a caravan or holiday home and your dog roams around the outside decking barking at the passers by? Well he is only being protective of his space and his family! The trouble is he may well bark at everything that he sees and that may cause anxiety for you if you are constantly telling him to be quiet. There may now be a solution to your problem.

Carabanners offer a bespoke made to measure product that fits to your decking with no need for drills or screws, all the fixings are provided for you along with easy to use instructions. The product will act as a visual barrier for your dog to the rest of the park that might just prevent the constant barking.

The Carabanners fit in between the vertical posts and the upper and lower rails of your decking, they are held in place with the bungee fixings provided which tension the banner evenly so that it sits snug against the pickets. They come in a variety of colours, patterns and can be made to any size. All you have to do is measure your decking using the instructions on the website, it’s all very simple. The added bonus of Carabanners is that they also act as a great windbreaker enabling you to enjoy the added comfort of your decking especially if your static caravan or holiday home is situated in a windy spot! Theres nothing worse than trying to enjoy a glass of wine outside on your deck and the wind makes it a little uncomfortable so you end up inside.

So if you have a protective furry friend who likes to patrol his caravans deck and barks at the parks residents enjoying a stroll, then this might be the answer for you. Take a look at the website for more information where you can see all the designs available, price illustrations and more information.


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